Is it possible to change corporate practices without first changing mentalities? When it comes to the digital transformation of the company, 63% of employees think that their company does not explain its digital strategy well( Abilways Digital / TNS SOFRES 2015study ). An imposed transformation is not always understood or accepted. New tools are not enough to change mentalities. It is therefore necessary to start by working on the corporate culture and to proceed with a progressive and global digital acculturation.

Digital acculturation: what are we talking about?

Very roughly speaking, acculturation is, according to the Larousse, "the adaptation of an individual or a group to the surrounding culture". In business and in the context of digital transformation, acculturation involves 3 essential and complementary dimensions:

  • Inform employees of what can be done with digital tools
  • Train them to use these tools
  • To make them aware of the issues that arise with digital technology

Why digital acculturation?

According to a Beeshake survey, 98% of employees think it is essential to be digitally literate. And 40% of employees see training as the best way to spread a digital culture.

The pitfall of digital transformation is to accumulate digital tools thinking that the use will take care of itself, and that these tools will naturally accelerate collaboration and efficiency in your teams. You need to look at your corporate culture first. Because new tools alone are not enough to anchor new practices. The digital acculturation phase therefore ensures that the transformation takes place under the best possible conditions.

On the other hand, the digital acculturation phase allows you to put your employees back at the heart of your company project, and to give meaning to your transformation. This ensures that your transformation plan generates more support.

Digital acculturation, how?

Digital acculturation requires a phygital device, i.e. it requires both a digital device and face-to-face moments. For the digital part, you can use your existing LMS. You can also use a tool dedicated to acculturation, which will allow you to :

  • developing each other's skills, but also sharing knowledge between employees
  • raise awareness through content, and align all employees with a common language
  • engage employees in the transformation process

In concrete terms, successful acculturation requires a clever mix of educational content, quizzes and challenges, feedback, and finally, sharing spaces between learners.

On the face-to-face side, it is essential to plan participative moments that mobilise the collective intelligence of your employees in the service of your transformation. These moments of sharing can take many forms: brainstorming, lunches, workshops, etc.

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Digital acculturation, the first brick in an internal transformation process

Do you know the Digital Transformation Seed method? This methodology is based on a simple observation. That it is essential to deploy a unifying, entertaining and intuitive system to successfully support the change in corporate culture. Acculturation is the first step of this method to succeed in the digital transformation of your organisation.