As its name indicates, the intrapreneur is an entrepreneur within his company. Using methods and processes, he or she proposes innovative ideas and is responsible for carrying them out until the objectives are reached. Adopting an intrapreneurial mind set within one's company is a concept that is becoming more and more widespread, due to the positive consequences it brings.

How to adopt an intrapreneurial mind set? Let's find out together!

According to the report "Intrapreneurship & Innovation 2022" by The Cable Center. 

With a participative innovation platform, encourage an intrapreneurial mindset

Innovation from the inside

Faced with change, the lack of skills to deal with it is a concern for business leaders and managers. The objective is to improve agility, creativity in problem solving, co-construction and reactivity.

Only 24% of HR professionals believe that their leaders are prepared with the necessary skills to respond to change. 

In order to develop these skills and to cope with changes, internal innovation appears to be an essential lever. It is a vector of future growth for companies and requires a process of intrapreneurship

Now more than ever, companies need innovative leaders. Leaders who can effectively lead projects, inspire others, and drive innovation internally. 

These leaders are among the employees who are fully aware of the untapped strengths and weaknesses of the organization. They are then ready to adopt an intrapreneurial mindset.

Companies need to boost the process and encourage employees to develop an intrapreneurial culture by providing them with the tools, capabilities and mindset to enhance business innovation. They then thrive in an environment shaken by unforeseen changes and unexpected opportunities. 

Intrapreneurial skills to develop

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