About us

About us


Who are we?

At Beeshake, we believe that transformations are permanent. And in a context where 70% of transformations fail, we believe that collective intelligence and employee engagement are key.

Who are we?
Building trust

To give each employee a reason to be and to share within the company.

Promoting social learning

For continuous training and sharing of expertise between employees.

Communicating with clarity

Create communities, engage on events, and share in real time.

Creating a feedback culture

So that everyone's feelings are taken into account and can influence decisions.

Implementing gamification

To generate commitment, the will to challenge others and to surpass oneself.

Encouraging innovation and agility

By letting each employee propose innovative ideas for the company.

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Beeshake is part of Cospirit Tech, a subsidiary of Cospirit Groupe

An independent media group that combines its know-how to play the same score collectively! We work in total harmony to orchestrate your marketing and media thinking.

Our areas of expertise range from the ultra-local to the international and are based on our tech, data and digital innovations, as well as on our exclusive proprietary tools.