You want to see new ideas emerge in your organization. New proposals, and why not, innovations! How to boost collaborative innovation?

Boost collaborative innovation is about identifying irritants and trying to find solutions to them

Before throwing yourself into your desire to generate new ideas, you need to identify what is wrong. Or more precisely, you must accompany your employees in formulating irritants that they wish to resolve. What dysfunctions does your organisation encounter? What could be done better? What are the sources of dissatisfaction for employees? These observations will enable you to provide a framework for the emergence of new ideas. In this way, they will not be in vain. They will be based on real facts, to enable your organisation to improve very concretely.


How to make irritants appear?

In order to help your employees in the formulation of irritants, you need to create a space and time for expression. This can be regular brainstorming times, a paper survey, a digital platform, etc… It all depends on your corporate culture! If you prefer a digital space, here are the formats you can use to get your employees talking. They will allow you to generate conversations that may be the basis for new ideas:

  • Articles to tell about successes and failures within your organization. While successes are contagious, failures can provide good ideas for solutions.
  • Surveys to encourage employees to react to possible malfunctions and thus generate conversations, or perhaps new ideas!
  • Communities to think about a problematic or improvable subject. These online communities can use the platform to converse, debate, but also organize their own events! Because it is always profitable to exchange on digital but also in real life. Perhaps these communities will develop into teams of innovators. And you will have learned how to engage in participatory innovation!


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