Beeshake collaborative internal communication

VIDEOS] Collaborative internal communication: 14 lessons

One has a digital workplace, the other a collective intelligence platform. However, they have one thing in common: developing collaborative internal communication in their company. Romain Duchez is editorial communications manager at The Adecco Group in France, and Valérie Archambault is a network manager at Gamm Vert. Both use "top-down" content to inform and unite their company's employees. But they also develop collaborative or participative internal communication. This is how they value the work and ideas of employees in the field and get them more involved in the life of the company. Following their intervention during our Empower Morning, we have compiled their testimonies in 14 short and thematic videos:

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Beeshake, a collective intelligence specialist, joins Microsoft for Startups

[Press release].

PARIS, July 1, 2019 - French start-up Beeshake, a collective intelligence platform in SaaS mode and subsidiary of HOPSCOTCH Groupe, announces that it is joining the Microsoft for Startups program. This opportunity represents the first step of a strategic and business partnership around collective intelligence in the enterprise, whose reference today is Microsoft Office 365 and its collaborative tool Teams, used by more than 500,000 organizations.

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STUDY - Employees de-motivated by a lack of attention from their company

91% of employees would feel more motivated if they could bring their ideas to the company. However, almost 70% of them cannot do so.

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