Collaborative CSR - Interview with Olivier Delavoye

Why engage in collaborative CSR? Because the war for talent is raging on the job market. The challenge for companies is to differentiate themselves, and CSR is an essential lever for standing out. Indeed, talents are looking for meaning and want their company to take into account social, societal and environmental issues .

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The digital idea box: 7 tips to get started 

Today, companies are turning to an approach based oncollective intelligence and collaboration to bring out innovation. In this context, the digital suggestion box appears to be relevant because it solicits the support of employees and involves them in the evolution of the company.

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Reverse engineering: a method for generating ideas

Reverse working also called "Working Backwards" is a method initiated by the e-commerce giant Amazon. 

Over the past 25 years, Amazon has transformed itself greatly. The company has grown from an online bookstore to one of the largest retailers in the world. Its strength is built on its ability to reinvent itself and offer new ways of working

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Why organise a Learning Expedition?

Between preconceived ideas and reality in the field, the Learning Expedition is particularly relevant in the context of acollective intelligence approach. Let's decipher a format that has been renewed and democratised and which is generating unprecedented enthusiasm!

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10 ways for leaders to foster a culture of innovation 

A culture of innovation has become essential to the sustainability and success of the company. It is in the best interest of managers to integrate these values into the company's culture in order to encourage employees to propose and share new ideas, solutions and innovation projects and to strive for positive results. 

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The collective takes action thanks to the "speed co-development" ?

Faced with a problem, how can employees use the collective to bring out good practices and solutions? The "speed co-development" allows to gain in efficiency in the resolution of problems thanks to the co-construction. 

A look back at this practice that helps the collective take action! 

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9 digital solutions for revealing collective intelligence in companies

The digital transition is a major challenge for companies. In this context, two types of players stand out: the historical players, whose legitimacy is no longer in question, but who are struggling to renew themselves, and the new entrants, often young start-ups, who have created tools that disrupt employee practices.

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Organising a hackathon in your company: the guide

In an article dedicated to hackathons, the hackerearth website points out that more than 80% of Fortune 100 companies organise hackathons to bring out innovations. Moreover, hackathons are often renewed regularly. To boostincremental or disruptiveinnovation, consider organising a hackathon in your company.

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Your HR challenges in 2023, driven by collective intelligence 

In recent years, the human resources profession has been facing new challenges. Notably because of the health crisis we have been through and the impacts we are experiencing on working methods, commitment, meaning and the digitalization of processes.

These multiple challenges have encouraged HR to transform itself and these efforts are continuing today to prepare for 2023 in particular.

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Extend the long-term climate mural with Beeshake

In a first article, we presented you the climate mural as well as all the associated methodology . This methodology aims at fighting individually and collectively against climate change. 

[ Read : climate mural : definition and main principles ]

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