Collaborative CSR - Interview with Olivier Delavoye

Why engage in collaborative CSR? Because the war for talent is raging on the job market. The challenge for companies is to differentiate themselves, and CSR is an essential lever for standing out. Indeed, talents are looking for meaning and want their company to take into account social, societal and environmental issues .

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The commitment of companies to CSR: Course for 2023!Ā 

The year 2023 will be decisive in terms of companies' commitment to social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles .

For several years now, organizations have been becoming increasingly aware of CSR and doing everything possible to ensure that it is anchored in their values and at the heart of their strategies. And it is with great commitment and time that companies have been able to see the benefits of these investments.Ā 

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Extend the long-term climate mural with Beeshake

In a first article, we presented you the climate mural as well as all the associated methodology . This methodology aims at fighting individually and collectively against climate change.Ā 

[ Read : climate mural : definition and main principles ]

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The climate mural: definition and main principles

Climate change is a collective difficulty with complex characteristics that are far from being assimilated by all. The consequences are often not understood by the individual, leading to a lack of awareness.Ā 

However, it is by acting together that these difficulties can be overcome. And allow a real transformation with a deep change of model.Ā 

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Participative innovation at the service of CSR policy

Today, companies are deploying a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy with the objective of improving not only the environmental impact, but also the overall functioning of the company through an essential lever:employee commitment.Ā 

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Engage your employees in your environmental strategy

In all organisations, HR, internal communication and even innovation are working to increase employee engagement. But are they thinking about the topics that most engage people? What are the main unifying themes? CSR (Social and Environmental Responsibility) is one of these topics. Indeed, CSR touches employees in their humanity and is often a source of intense commitment. Here's how to involve your employees in your environmental strategy, in order to increase commitment to the company.

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Implementing a CSR approach in your company with your employees

Implementing a CSR approach in a company has become a must. On the one hand, to recall theusefulness of the company in serving society. On the other hand, to (re)give meaning to employees. And what if you were to place employees at the centre of your company's CSR approach? Because setting up a CSR approach is a good thing. Making employees the authors and actors of this CSR approach is even better!

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