For businesses, the future is uncertain. Getting out of this Covid-19 crisis will require a strong capacity to innovate in order to invent the post-crisis period. And to achieve this, they will need their employees. To be more specific, they will have to rely on cohesion, internal initiatives and collective intelligence to invent the future.


Innovating to get out of the crisis

According to an INSEE survey, during the crisis period between 2008 and 2010, 49% of companies with more than 10 employees relied on innovation to get through the crisis. Moreover, “Not taking risks means taking risks for the future“. This quote from Olivier Avril, CFO of Eliadis, underlines a constant that every company director must integrate into his business plan despite the economic context. Innovation means taking risks, but above all, innovation means ensuring sustainability. And to be innovative, an organization must mobilize internal skills.

Innovation is here understood in the broadest sense. It may concern the creation or improvement of products (goods or services) or production processes. It can also concern organizational methods or sales strategies.


Innovation will be collaborative

It is precisely in times of crisis that many relevant ideas are often born. Also their development proves to be the easiest. Indeed, the slowdown in activity allows time to think about a business project that will stimulate its growth and secure its jobs. Your teams probably have plenty of ideas. Why don’t you listen to it? By encouraging your employees to be creative, you’re launching a powerful internal think tank that can help your company get out of the crisis and into the future.

In addition, employees who are encouraged to be creative will take the initiative to look for new ways to do their jobs. They will also reflect on more effective approaches to manage resources. In short, they will bring new energy to long-standing problems and be more inclined to find curative and preventive solutions.

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