One has a digital workplace, the other a collective intelligence platform. However, they have one thing in common: developing collaborative internal communication in their company. Romain Duchez is editorial communications manager at The Adecco Group in France, and Valérie Archambault is a network manager at Gamm Vert. Both use "top-down" content to inform and unite their company's employees. But they also develop collaborative or participative internal communication. This is how they value the work and ideas of employees in the field and get them more involved in the life of the company. Following their intervention during our Empower Morning, we have compiled their testimonies in 14 short and thematic videos:

  •  Top-down or bottom-up content?
  • How can we break down top-down communication to inject more bottom-up?
  • What is the purpose of collaboration?
  • How to run a network in collaborative mode?
  • What are the benefits of a digital tool to animate a commercial network
  • From the intranet to the digital the digital smartplace
  • Good practices for collaborative work
  • Collective intelligence platform: moderating to avoid judgment
  • 3 best practices from Gamm Vert to run a social network in collaborative mode
  • What is the business impact of collective intelligence?
  • How do you get new recruits on board with a collaborative tool?
  • Ambassadorat: taking teams on a mission of their own
  • How can the ambassadorship process be encouraged?
  • Tips for setting up an internal ambassador community

14 inspiring videos, delivering good practices to make employees a little more active in the company

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