This is one of the major challenges today: how to (re)reconcile internal communication and Millennials? Because the new generation has turned the codes of engagement at work upside down. They have their own expectations of the professional world, and we are still working on understanding and meeting those expectations.

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Internal communication has the task of supporting the commitment of teams. And the good news is that it now has a multitude of tools at its disposal to foster this commitment. Tools that create links, such as internal events, but also digital tools, such as corporate social networks, digital workplaces orcollective intelligence platforms. It is these digital tools that we are going to look at. How can they be used to generate engagement among Millennials?

In fact, an article from Contact Monkey brings together Internal Communication and Millennials. It refers to good practices to generate the commitment of the new generation. We have chosen the 4 most effective, concrete and easy to implement good practices on a digital tool.

1- Internal Communication and Millennials: or the birth of new codes

Be creative: this is what the new generation expects in terms of internal communication. To engage Millennials, it is essential to understand their cultural codes. In short, don't be afraid to think outside the box and have fun. That's how you will reach the new generation. In this respect, video can help you. Considered as a fun way to consume information, it remains the format that performs best on social networks.

2- Give the floor

A study published by Beeshake in April 2019 shows that Millennials need to listen. Indeed, while previous generations needed to learn continuously to stay motivated at work, the new generation announces that they will stay motivatedabove all if they are listened to.

Think about surveys! Use your digital internal communication tool to ask questions, take the pulse of your teams, and involve them as much as possible in the life of the company. But be careful, if you ask for employees' opinions, you must respect them!

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3- Recognition

Giving a voice is good. Acknowledging is even better! Because recognition means showing that your words have been heard... and appreciated! By entering into a dynamic of recognition, you will stimulate your employees and make them want to share even more ideas, opinions and projects.

For this, gamification can help you. And don't panic, gamification can be something very simple! For example, you can value the "influencers" among the teams, the clusters or the users of your tools. The most committed people can win prizes.

You can even organise a ceremony to reward the most committed employees, the teams that have won projects, the most influential ambassadors, etc. It's a great way to showcase those who are committed to the company. And it doesn't necessarily require a huge budget!

4- Create moments of conviviality

Internal communication and Millennials...and events! More than ever, internal communication cannot do without bonding events. Between teams, departments or among all employees, you can imagine anything! They can be work-related (e.g. a weekly presentation of the teams' latest successes) or they can simply be fun (e.g. a sports competition). Think of integrating these events into a calendar (on your digital tool or on everyone's diary).

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