Ineffective internal communication means a loss of more than €9,000 per year and per employee for French companies!

A survey conducted by Webtorials in North America and Europe has analysed how people interact within the company. The survey highlights the preferred methods and tools of employees. It also highlights the risk of ineffective internal communication, particularly in financial terms. In France, ineffective internal communication is estimated to cost €9,100 per year per employee!


The 3 trends that emerge to explain ineffective internal communication

  • Employees are online more than 2/3 ofthe time
  • Almost 14% of working time is wasted on ineffective communications
  • The multiplication of internal communication tools makes communication more complex

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Other trends from the report


Lack of interoperability between different platforms makes e-mail the preferred mode of communication for employees

Employees spend a large part of their time dealing with their e-mails: 34% of French people spend 1 to 3 hours a day on them. E-mail therefore remains the default tool despite the arrival of new work and internal communication tools. The problem? These new tools are poorly connected to each other! Employees are lost because they are spread out. E-mail remains the easiest tool, the one that everyone knows best. But we use it far beyond its initial purpose.


A global interface to save money and embrace digital transformation

The scattering of collaboration and communication tools therefore appears to be a central problem. The solution? Comprehensive tools that are easy to interface with each other. Indeed, on the one hand, switching to more global tools will allow IT managers to make savings. On the other hand, global tools, which are easier to learn than a multitude of tools, all different from each other, are the key to digital transformation. Because in order to appropriate digital uses, employees need to focus on a few simple and effective tools.


Meetings are not very effective

Against all odds, Generation Y is keeping the same habits as their elders. In France, the telephone remains the primary means of communication for the under-30s (41%). This is followed by face-to-face meetings - favoured by 22% of Gen Y and 30% of respondents in France. Finally,e-mail gets 22% of the votes. At the bottom of the ranking, meetings are the least effective way to communicate and collaborate.



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