Beeshake brings your transformation to success

Empower your employees to engage in collective intelligence and collaborative innovation

Start transforming your company's culture today

Customize your platform

In order to boost adoption, your platform must be customized, intuitive and integrated within your ecosystem

IT support

We comply with technical IT checklists and audits


We write on-demand guidelines for you and your IT department

Flexible interface options

We make employees’ experience fluent. Don’t forget we’re Microsoft partner 😉

Platform and newsletter configuration

We setup your platform, gamification settings and your newsletters (whitelisting)

Customize your platform
We're your sparring partner!

We’re your sparring partner!

Beeshake provides you support to ensure the success of your collective intelligence and collaborative innovation platform. Together, we boost employee engagement.

Transformation program

Co-building of your WHY and deployment of your transformation program.

Collective intelligence booster

We implement best practices: more than 25 methods and tools to digitize collective intelligence

Collaborative innovation support

We help you boost continuous innovation: call for projects, methods, intrapreneurship program, innovators’ support

KPIs and reporting

We analyze your ecosystem, define KPIs, follow your performance and make recommendations

Community management

Our teams handle total or part or your community management

Community management

We can provide you a dedicated community manager, or only recurring consulting.

Content production

Graphism, videos, newsletters or articles. We can also organize your contests and special operations.

Communication plan

We help you boost employee engagement promoting your platform before, during and after its deployment

Ambassador program

We identify ambassadors, conduct workshops and help them become “boundary spanners”.

Thought leadership program

We design a personalized program to communicate and engage your company’s leaders and managers.

Community management
Beeshake is a digital platform and a method to help you boost the culture of collective intelligence, ideation, and collaborative innovation
Start transforming your company's culture today