Many leaders would like their employees to take the initiative and be more committed to the company. In short, they should adopt a more entrepreneurial attitude. If you are in this situation, ask yourself this question: have you laid the foundations for a culture of intrapreneurship to give your employees a framework for more commitment?

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Taking a long-term view andregularly nurturing your culture of intrapreneurship is key to attracting and keeping talent engaged with your organisation.

The fundamentals of an intrapreneurship culture

Culture is essential when it comes to intrapreneurship. Indeed, employees must feel that they are in an environment that is conducive and adapted to taking initiatives and coming up with ideas. However, as long as the culture is not tackled, projects and intrapreneurs may emerge, but they will remain isolated cases.

As leaders, here's how you can create a culture of intrapreneurship:

  • Be inspiring, and give your staff a goal to work towards rather than giving them orders.
  • Dare to take risks, to encourage them to take risks in turn.
  • Change the way you recruit, and focus on soft skills rather than the traditional job description.
  • Organise collective intelligence sessions to teach your employees how to solve irritants by innovating.

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Recruiting talent to strengthen your intrapreneurial culture

Your organisation may already be attractive. Intrapreneur profiles may prefer cooler startups than your company. Environments that already have a culture of intrapreneurship andcollaborative innovation in place.

Here's how to improve your approach to recruitment:

  • Include your ambitions for intrapreneurship in your job descriptions.
  • Rework the options for development within your organisation. After all, your new talents do not necessarily want to take over their manager's job. They want to create their own path.
  • Make intrapreneurs your best internal and external ambassadors.

Engaging managers in the culture of intrapreneurship

Management is crucial when it comes to building a more intrapreneurial culture. Indeed, managers can be wonderful accelerators of intrapreneurship... as well as the worst detractors. Unfortunately, most of the time, the managerial culture is not really adapted to intrapreneurship. Why is that? Becauseit does not encourage creativity or value the right to make mistakes. On the contrary, the current dominant culture prioritises stability, control and risk minimisation.

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Here's what you can work on to make managers ambassadors of a culture of intrapreneurship:

  • Promote a new form of leadership.
  • Write a Leadership Manifesto, or at least rewrite the definition of leadership in your organisation.
  • Establish a real right to make mistakes.