Create a culture of collaborative innovation

During challenges or throughout the year, ideas sprout and grow thanks to employees’ participation

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How Beeshake helps your create a culture of collaborative innovation

Organize ideation challenges or let employees suggest initiatives throughout the year, from continuous improvement to disruptive innovation

Moderate, categorize and rank ideas before publishing it

Encourage employees to vote for their favorite ideas

See projects team sprout and grow

Initiate conversations around suggested ideas

Follow the progress of ideas from suggestion to prototyping and implementation

Identify innovation ambassadors

How Beeshake helps your create a culture of collaborative innovation

The Crédit Immobilier de France case study

The Crédit Immobilier de France is a French financial group. Beeshake helps it boost continuous innovation and specific calls for projects. Employees are invited to suggest and explain their ideas or innovation projects on the platform. Then, a selection committee moderates those ideas and publish it. Each employee can choose to support the ideas that look the most relevant to him.

Results: employees feel more involved in their company’s life and strategy. Ideas that improve collective performance can sprout throughout the year.

The <i>Crédit Immobilier de France</i> case study

Like the Crédit Immobilier de France, boost the culture of collaborative innovation within your organization

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