On 7 December 2018, Beeshake organised its #EmpowerMorning on the future of learning in companies. It was an opportunity to revisit the definition of the learning company, and to co-construct its manifesto. This co-creation took place with HR and training professionals from various companies from all walks of life. It was initially based on the definition of the learning company proposed by Franck La Pinta, a digital transformation practitioner and learning specialist:

Best practices for collaborative innovation

" A learning company is an organisation that puts in place a culture, behaviours and processes to encourage the development of individual skills. It considers that this addition of individual skills will increase the company's overall skills capital. The company will thus become more efficient, more competitive and more agile in the face of change. »

This co-construction work has enabled a number of major convictions to emerge, held by HR and training specialists. Among them, the need to progressively develop company cultures that value the existing skills of employees. The absolute necessity for top management to carry this vision. The value of the notion of coaching. Also, the conviction that the sharing of skills between employees should be encouraged and valued, but free.

In short, despite their diverse professional backgrounds, the participants had common convictions. All agreed that corporate cultures needed to be taken further. But also, that French habits were adapted to mentoring and skill sharing. This collective experience therefore validated the need to formalise this learning company manifesto. Thus, by focusing on people, on existing talents and on the development of expertise, the company will have more chances to innovate. Therefore, more chances to remain competitive.

Definition of the learning company - MANIFESTO

The definition of the learning company will undoubtedly evolve as cultures change. But it will always include the human element, curiosity and the sharing of skills as the basis for business performance.

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Best practices for collaborative innovation