The success of a transformation programme is based on 3 essential levers: acculturation, collaboration and innovation. These 3 levers constitute the stages of the digital transformation of companies. They are interdependent, and concern all businesses and all teams. For it is human capital that is at the heart of digital transformation: it is and must be the primary guarantor of a company's competitiveness and innovative character.

Stages of digital transformation

The stages of digital transformation of companies - ACCULTURATION

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  • Raising awareness through content and the gradual adoption of uses. It is essential to inform employees so that they have a good knowledge and understanding of the issues.
  • Developing knowledge and skills. It is therefore a question of giving employees the means to make the most of these new practices.
  • Open minds, give the desire, give the means. Thus, employees must be encouraged and given the means to become ambassadors of digitalization.

The stages of the digital transformation of companies - COLLABORATION

  • Sharing information in real time. Because there can be no exchange without good data relay. Moreover, the digital age is indeed one of instantaneousness!
  • Encourage a culture of exchange and feedback. Encourage your teams to get involved and take part in the conversation!
  • Adopt new working methods. Because once cross-functional communication has been adopted by all, collaboration can become a core part of working methods.

The stages of the digital transformation of companies - INNOVATION

  • Valuing employees' ideas and contributions. Indeed, encouraging a dynamic ofcollaborative innovation means showing employees that they have nothing to fear. On the contrary!
  • Encourage creativity and collective intelligence. Because each employee is a key resource for the company. As we say at Beeshake, "the value of the hive is exponential to the intelligence of its bees".
  • Identify and support new talent. And the circle is complete! Indeed, by freeing up the speech and intelligence of your employees, they will reveal themselves. Then you simply have to keep encouraging them!