Julhiet Sterwen and IFOP have just published a report on digital transformation. The 2018 Digital Workplace barometer is dedicated to the view of employees and managers on the transformation of their organisation.

The state of play of digital transformation

The digital transformation appears to be the gateway to new skills. Indeed, 77% of managers believe that digital technology enables the development of new skills. And speaking of managers, their role seems to be (finally!) becoming key in the eyes of employees: now that they have become "coaches", they are expected to support employees as they develop their skills.

In addition to "management coaching", employees expect comprehensive support. Change management is still missing. It must be based on the notions of acculturation, training and therefore management. Moreover, change management should be personalised and take into account the specificities of each employee's job. This is the only way to achieve a real and profound transformation.

As for tools, they are "more than ever perceived as the main markers of digital transformation". They therefore naturally complement the need for support. Nevertheless, the quality of the IT network is still considered to be an obstacle to the transformation. Employees are therefore aware of the need for tools to accompany the transformation and to perceive its movements, but they seem to be demanding (quite rightly) an experience that is on a par with those they are used to on a daily basis, outside the workspace.

In short, between the need for tools and the strong demand for support, the digital transformation is experienced as a revolution to be completed in companies. Managers will play a key role in this and will undoubtedly require specific support.


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