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Ideas sharing and participative innovation

Engage your employees in your transformation by allowing each one to suggest ideas, initiatives and innovation projects. Crowdsourced innovation is a true accelerator of transformation and performance!

Innovation projects suggestion

Each member can suggest a project, add team members and multimedia contents to enrich his pitch.

Idea Management Workflow

Beeshake’s unique 5-steps Idea Management Workflow allows the designated selection committee to comment, categorize, rank and determine success goals.

Innovations portfolio

Everyone can discover projects that have been published, ask to join the project team, co-build and contribute, or simply like the innovations they prefer.

Crowdfunding features

Engagement points can be converted into Beecoins, which can be spent in one or multiple innovation projects a member wishes to support.

Ideas sharing and participative innovation

Create a culture of collaborative innovation

Feedback and collaboration

Feedback and collaboration

More than 100 features to help you implement a feedback and collaborative culture. A stepping stone to revealing collective intelligence!

Social Network

Each member can read contents, ask a question and share information with the whole organization or in a specific community.

Polls, surveys and live sessions

Each member can create or answer a one-question opinion poll or a survey questionnaire in a community. Get live feedback with interactive sessions during events.

Events management

Organize and animate events and rituals, both physical and digital. Allow each member to contribute before, during and after.

Integrated newsletter

Use Beeshake to create your newsletter: share the best articles or the most popular learning session!

Implement a feedback culture in your company!

Knowledge and skills

Discover Beeshake’s 152 advanced features dedicated to sharing knowledge and skills within your organization.

Peer-to-peer contents

Administrators determine content categories. Managers and members can contribute as editors or writers.

Easy MOOC creation

Administrators, managers and employees can create MOOC sessions very easily to share their skills by adding rich media content.

Social Learning

Like B-to-C MOOC platforms, members of the community will be able to discuss with other learners and ask questions to the “trainer”.

Quizzes and certifications

MOOC sessions can be evaluated by the “trainer” using quizzes to measure effectiveness and knowledge retention. Certifications are added to members profiles.

Knowledge and skills

We live in a mobile world

Beeshake is a web app totally responsive, available on any device.

The only thing you need to start using Beeshake and engaging with your employees is a device and a simple internet access. Nothing to download!




We live in a mobile world
Plateforme sécurisée

Security is our priority

All your data are stored in France on secured servers.

Data segregation is physical. Each of our clients has its own database via a server or a physical instance with dedicated URL.

The terms of sales and security policy of our provider are available on demand. A SSL certificate is also installed on each instance.

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