Improve the motivation and the performance of your collaborators

Knowledge sharing, transverse communication, collaborative innovation: choose the features your need.

1. Knowledge and skills sharing

Be a self-learning company! You can publish learning sessions, or employees directly share knowledge with each other.

Create courses

With the integrated editor, you create learning sessions with pictures, videos and quiz. And everything is responsive!

Manage learning sessions

You can associate employees with learning sessions. Prepare preliminary tests or quiz to evaluate learners.

Social Learning

Employees can create themselves learning content for their peers: skills are shared!


Follow the progression of the learners and analyze their results with detailed statistics.

1. Knowledge and skills sharing
2. Personalized communication

2. Personalized communication

Deliver a unified, personalized internal communication. No more spamming: employees see content that interests them!

Rich profiles

In a few clics, find the person who has the skill you’re searching for.

Events management

Organize your complete event from a unique interface: invitations, program management, Beeshake manage everything!

Surveys and feedback

Information comes from the ground to create relevant content. Also, organize surveys and take the pulse of your company.

Social Network

Beeshake is a sharing platform: share information and skills with the whole company or only communities.


Your collaborators all have an expertise: they can write articles about it, you only have to validate it!

Integrated newsletter

Use the platform to create your newsletter: share the best articles or the most popular learning session!

3. Collaborative innovation

Improve employees engagement by highlighting their innovative ideas. Thanks to our “Innovation Management Workflow”, collect and evaluate suggestions, and highlight the best among them.

Unified ideas

All the new ideas follow the same process: the suggested innovations are readable, and can be managed very easily.

A formatted validation process

Follow a standardized validation process. Each member of your “validation committee” can validate the ideas at their own pace and according to their criteria. He won’t be influenced by the opinion of his peers.

An automatic scoring

An average is automatically established depending on the scores given by each member of the validation committee. It enables the best ideas to become visible.

Highlight the best ideas

The best innovations generate an article, automatically shared on Beeshake with the whole community of employees. Then they can vote for their favorite ideas. That’s collaborative innovation!

3. Collaborative innovation

Your collaborators are mobile, Beeshake too!

Beeshake is totally responsive, available on any device.

On mobile and tablet, Beeshake becomes an app: get immediacy and notifications without having to download anything in any store!




Your collaborators are mobile, Beeshake too!
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The terms of sales and security policy of our provider are available on demand. A SSL certificate is also installed on each instance.

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