Franck La Pinta is a true practitioner of HR innovation. Co-author of the book "marketing RH" published by Studyrama, he is also administrator of theObservatoire des Réseaux Sociaux d'entreprise. So, HR or business transformation? For or against gamification in learning? And peer-to-peer learning? Franck La Pinta agreed to answer Beeshake's questions on the future of learning and HR transformation!

HR or business transformation?

HR and business transformation! HR transformation for its own sake and HR transformation to be able to better support business transformation.

Training or transformation?

Training and transformation. Training to help transform both the company and the employees.

For or against gamification in training?

For! Gamification is a lever that works outside of learning, and today we can see that we are looking outside of learning for a certain number of elements that have proven themselves.

Hard skills or soft skills?

A little bit of both.

Do you believe in peer-to-peer learning?

Yes, I believe in it a lot. This is an area that is traditionally ignored in company training. I believe very much in the transfer of skills between employees, I believe very much in the fact that we have to support employees to train themselves and to pass on their knowledge. And then, we also train ourselves by training others!