Unlock talents, knowledge and ideas

Transform your organizations’ culture from the inside out.
Stimulate employee engagement capitalizing on collective intelligence and collaborative innovation.

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Unlock talents, knowledge and ideas
In each transformation, collective intelligence is a game changer

In each transformation, collective intelligence is a game changer

Beeshake transforms your organization’s culture by breaking down barriers of skills, talents and ideas.

Peer-to-peer learning

Become a self-learning company! Employees learn continuously and share knowledge and skills directly between them

Blog and feedback

Employees can share their knowledge, produce content and give their feedback

Ideation and crowdsourcing

Employees can suggest ideas and support innovation projects or initiative lead by other peers

Events management

Create rituals to animate and federate teams around key moments of your company

Engagement metrics

Measure individual and collective engagement and adapt your strategy to boost collective intelligence

Microsoft Partner

Beeshake is a member of the Microsoft For Startups program. We’re also integrated to Microsoft Teams to help you boost your Office365 adoption and simplify the employee experience.

Stimulate collective intelligence to engage employees in your company’s transformations

300,000 employees are engaged with Beeshake

Beeshake’s advantages

Employees give their feedback

3 ways to collect feedback: surveys, polls and interactivity sessions. You listen to your teams and optimize your strategy depending on their comments.

Beeshake's advantages

Gamification generates engagement

Over 50 types of engagement actions can generate points.
Highlight influencers of the community and transform points into Beecoins which can be spent on peer-to-peer ideas and inovation projects.

Beeshake's advantages

Skills are shared

Your teams share their skills creating contents, articles or training sessions. Our intelligent search engine finds the talents and contents that you’re searching for. Skills are easily identified and shared.

Beeshake's advantages

Relevant content for each employee

Our artificial intelligence gets each member the best contents, talents, ideas, events and training sessions selected just for them.

Beeshake's advantages

Events and rituals are centralized in one place

Organize your events from A to Z from a unique interface:

  • Send invitations
  • Promote your event
  • Manage seats
  • Share documents
  • Livestream your event with interactions
  • etc.

  • Beeshake's advantages

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