The collective intelligence software that unlocks talents, knowledge and ideas

Stimulate employee engagement capitalizing on collective intelligence and collaborative innovation

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The collective intelligence software that unlocks talents, knowledge and ideas

Enhance employee motivation and engagement

Empower them to participate in your company’s performance

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Launch a collaborative innovation program

Create a culture of collaborative innovation and boost participation

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Boost your internal transformation program

Encourage your employees to actively take part in it

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A personalized and intuitive innovation software

A simple and collaborative tool

An intuitive space to suggest ideas either independently or in teams, but also discover and support innovation projects or initiative lead by other peers.

A unique moderation workflow

Our Idea Management Workflow is a unique advanced idea management system for the selection committee.

Define support goals

Like any crowdfunding platform, Beeshake allows you to define support goals. The most supported ideas emerge easily.

A clear stage follow-up

Employees follow their ideas’ lives (from idea to experimentation and industrialisation)

Also, a real space dedicated to collective intelligence

They support us

Like many companies, HOPSCOTCH Group has suffured from the COVID pandemic. Nevertheless, we decided with Beeshake to transform this complicated moment into an opportunity to be united, to liberate creativity and to create a new future of work. The result of this ideation challenge: more than 180 participants in teams, and 72 suggested projects!

Déborah Deloison
Déborah Deloison
Internal communications manager – HOPSOCTCH Group

Beeshake enables employees on the ground to share skills and knowledge, in order to make everyone progress in the same time. It also creates emulation and stimulates kindness between employees. The teams get to know each other. I like that Beeshake adapts to our ecosystem in a very reactive way.

Valérie Archambault
Valérie Archambault
Sales Manager – GAMM VERT

Beeshake enables to animate communities on a phygital mode! It’s certainly the secret of a strong employee engagement and the teams’ agility.

Karine Boullier
Karine Boullier
Engagement Communication Director – SANOFI

Hey! We’re your sparring partner to success 😊

We know that the tool is only a way to serve your strategy. That’s why we help you implement that strategy, from communication to change management!

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Microsoft Partner

Beeshake is a member of the Microsoft For Startups program and a Teams Partner. Collaborative innovation is directly integrated into your Microsoft environment to help you boost the adoption of Microsoft Office 365 and simplify the employee experience.

Like Sanofi or Mobivia, improve employee engagement, boost collaborative innovation and enhance collective intelligence!
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