More than ever, we need to be inspired. To end this crisis invent the future. Here’s our contribution to help you. 3 inspiring videos about collective intelligence and creativity, to help you question the transformations taking place before our eyes. But also, to imagin the future together. We keep hearing that the world after this crisis will be different. What if we built it collectively?

Go ahead, dream about the future

“We don’t predict the future, we imagine it.” Author Charlie Jane Anders reminds us that the future will certainly be strange, but that it is up to us to invent it. A video that re-connects you to your imagination, when it seems more necessary than ever.


How we can face the future without fear, together

“It’s people who aren’t like us that make us grow.” Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks explains why the collective is the key to facing the future without fear. Applicable in society as well as in business!


How to manage for collective creativity

Among inspiring videos about collective intelligence, here is our favorite. We will need creativity to invent the future. We will therefore need collective intelligence. In the third of these inspiring videos, Linda Hill reveals the secret of companies that innovate collectively.


It’s time to take action!

Free trial Beeshake, the collective intelligence platform

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