Sharing good practices is a very powerful way to boost employee engagement. Agile methods experimented in companies offer a new way of looking at learning. Indeed, peer-to-peer learning is a learning method where employees no longer learn only vertically but also horizontally, via their peers and thanks to digital technology. Digital tools make it easy to share knowledge and content. They also encourage interaction, thus creating a real collective intelligence within the organisation.

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Online video is an excellent format to facilitate the sharing of good practice



  • A simple and effective format to make sharing best practicevery easy.
  • Knowledge is "converted" into engaging training content.The video format boosts engagement with content by 96%.
  • Videos are measurable. Indeed, it is very easy to establish a follow-up and reporting on the consumption of the video(s). This will allow you to better understand the expectations of your employees.


How to set up, simply and quickly, best practice sharing mechanisms within your company?

  • A "video coaching" activity is assigned to an employee by his or her manager or by another employee. The mechanism can also take the form of a challenge. For example: "Show us your successful sales pitch in 3 points".
  • The employee films his or her video clip(s) and publishes them for other employees.
  • The journey, or "video coaching", is published and can be commented on, liked, shared and rated.



Do you want to stimulate the sharing of good practices in your organisation?

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