L'employee commitment is at the heart of any successful business. Yet, French employees are among the least engaged: more than 55% of them say they are dissatisfied and disengaged, according to a study conducted by Steelcase. So how do you motivate employees in your company? By relying on the 5 pillars of employee engagement. For each pillar, we want to provide you with practical tips to stimulate engagement in a concrete way.

The pillars of employee engagement are crucial

Before we give you the pillars of employee engagement, let's think about the importance of this engagement for the company. Are you unsure? Here are 3 figures that will convince you:

  • Companies with engaged employees perform twice as well as others
  • High employee engagement reduces absenteeismby an average of 37%.
  • Customer retention is 18% higher when employees feel engaged

Pillar #1: Good collaboration

  • Bring your employees together in working groups and communities of interest. This will make it easier for your employees to talk about what interests them. The hierarchical barrier should no longer be a limit!
  • Set upa system for proposing ideas. Because every employee must be able to make his or her voice count.

Pillar #2: Cross-cutting communication

  • Opt for more bottom-up internal communication. Don't forget to stimulate as much feedback as possible from the field. For example, surveys or polls can help.
  • Organise events that bring people together. And for this, digital will help you! Use digital technology to broadcast your events to remote employees. This way, they can participate and everyone will feel more involved!
  • Share information in real time. Digital technology has brought the notion of immediacy into our lives! Don't forget it in the business world!

Pillar #3: collective intelligence

  • Encourage the sharing of good practices and knowledge. Because in your company, every talent is entitled to pass on their knowledge to their peers!
  • Organise collective intelligence rituals. Don't forget to bring your employees together around special times to take a step back and stimulate collective creativity. Indeed, these moments are perfect for giving meaning, involving everyone, and therefore boosting employee commitment!

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Pillar #4: Employee recognition

  • Use gamification. Indeed, employee commitment must be rewarded. Gamification (games, challenges, points systems, etc.) makes it possible to give value to everyone's contributions.
  • Identify ambassadors. Are there employees who are particularly committed? Think about highlighting them. You can broadcast portraits of them, have them participate in special operations. In short, your ambassadors must become real internal influencers!

Pillar #5: User experience

  • Make sure your tools provide a quality experience on any device. Because employee engagement is partly based on a pleasant and fluid experience. The tools you use internally must therefore be accessible everywhere, all the time, especially on mobile!

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