The quiz is a gamification tool that can be used in a variety of areas. Training, social networks, print media, and of course, the professional world. Why is the quiz an interesting format for internal communication?

For the playful side

It is undeniable that the fun aspect is a very big advantage of quizzes. It brings fun to certain areas, or to tasks that are not usually very stimulating. By energising employees, the quiz in internal communication gives them a boost and a desire to participate that is very useful for the organisation's functioning.

To identify blocking points 

Do not be fooled by the apparent simplicity of a quiz: it can provide an interesting perspective, particularly in the context of training. It can be used toquickly assess the level of understanding and integration of the various concepts covered by a training course. It can also be used to identify any sticking points and elements that need to be reworked to facilitate assimilation by employees.

To assess 

In the same way, the internal communication quiz assesses an employee's knowledge. Practical and quick, the employee does not have the impression of taking an exam, thanks to the fun dimension. You can even use quizzes to test your customers (especially in complex technical areas). This will allow you to assess their information and training needs in the use of various products.

To train for a diploma/certification

For employees who wish to train or reorient themselves to take a diploma or certification, the quiz is a good training tool. It allows you to test your knowledge and check that it is time to take the next step.

The internal communication quiz for employee recognition

The fun aspect of the quiz in internal communication also comes from obtaining a score and comparing it to others or displaying it. Indeed, your employees probably have a certain competitive spirit, but above all, a need to feel valued within the company.


The quiz has many advantages within a company, both for evaluation, cohesion and training of employees. The introduction of playful moments is also beneficial for their morale. In short, it is a medium that should not be underestimated!


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