The solution to bring your CSR strategy to life

Engage your users and give them the opportunity to take ownership of your company's CSR strategy and give it concrete expression.


The solution to bring your CSR strategy to life

📹 Find out in 5 minutes how to mobilize 100% of your employees around your CSR challenges.

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How Participative Innovation boosts employee commitment to your CSR strategy

Participative Innovation to support your CSR strategy

CSR strategy - Disseminating best practices

Dissemination of ideas and best practices

Your users propose best practices or innovative ideas for CSR .

You identify them and choose the ones you want to distribute or set up. 

Promoting your approach with an editorial strategy

Share articles, news, podcasts, interviews, videos, etc. to inform your users and raise awareness of your CSR strategy.

CSR strategy: Support your approach with an editorial strategy
CSR strategy: acculturating users with learning paths

Acculturation of your users

Take advantage of our CSR MOOCs or create your own learning content. 

Broadcast them on Beeshake to educate and train your users on the major issues of today and tomorrow

Conduct workshops

Broadcast moments of inspiration (conferences, webinars) live on the platform. 

Organize face-to-face and remote (live) ideation workshops, and create a wall of ideas directly in the digital space dedicated to your workshop.

CSR strategy: Organize workshops

📹 BLOOM, feedback on Cospirit Groupe's CSR strategy

Our CSR approach

Do you want to go further in the animation of your CSR?

Beeshake is a simple and intuitive platform to engage your employees around your CSR strategy.

Fill in the form on the right and we will contact you with examples of CSR platforms. 

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