Digital transformation, skills transformation

Skills are changing, and as digital transformation proceeds, the war for talent is raging. To win it, skills transformation will be key. It is no longer enough to recruit talent with this or that skill. What counts is the agility, adaptability and commitment of employees. It is therefore essential to give them the opportunity to evolve their jobs, to regain added value. An article from IT Pro Portal explains that employees must have access to digital, flexible and continuous training. In this way, your company becomes a learning company, you prepare your employees for the jobs of tomorrow, and you encourage innovation in your company! Read more

How can a learning company culture be put in place?

An article on the Virtual College website asks about the learning company culture. In other words, how do you become a learning company? How do you set up a culture that is adapted to the development of skills, and this on a continuous basis? How do you continuously push your employees upwards? How do you get them to adopt a ' growth mindset', i.e. an open, evolving mentality that pushes them to excel? Read more

The 5 trends in training

The trend is increasingly towards the learning company. Indeed, in order to develop and retain talent, keep knowledge within the company despite turnover, and put the HR function at the heart of innovation, you will undoubtedly have to change the way your employees learn and share. Come on, we'll help you. Here are the 5 trends in training: Read more

Definition of the learning company: its vision, values, manifesto

On 7 December 2018, Beeshake organised its #EmpowerMorning on the future of learning in companies. It was an opportunity to revisit the definition of the learning company, and to co-construct its manifesto. This co-creation took place with HR and training professionals from various companies from all walks of life. It was initially based on the definition of the learning company proposed by Franck La Pinta, a digital transformation practitioner and learning specialist:

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Learning company or knowing company? - VIDEO

In a recent interview with CNBC, Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner explains, with valuable advice, why the successful company is a learning company:

Don't be a know-it-all but a learn-it-all

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Learning enterprise and digital: the virtuous relationship

What is the link between the learning company and digital? Some people complain that employees are "overloaded" by the amount of information in circulation. But technology should take the burden off employees to enable them to collaborate better. Above all, it frees up their time and energy to turn to a more learning model. Read more

INFOGRAPHY] How to become a learning company?

Becoming a learning company: the new grail for an organisation to remain competitive. But if employees are to become learners, how do they want to learn in the company?

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