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Boost employee adoption and collective engagement in change management

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Beeshake embodies and gives meaning to your transformation

Spread acculturation content though the MOOC

Ask feedback with polls and surveys

Structure your transformation program around collective intelligence rituals like Brown Bag Lunches or peer-to-peer sessions

Use gamification to identify and highlight transformation ambassadors

Create think tanks about your transformation’s topics

Encourage employees to suggest ideas to support your transformation program

Beeshake embodies and gives meaning to your transformation

Beeshake supports METRO’s transformation program

Available on any device, Beeshake empowers employees to participate in METRO’s transformation. Beeshake highlights and gives meaning to all the initiatives of the program.

Beeshake has been deployed in a both top-down and bottom-up perspective.
Top-down because Beeshake allows to share acculturation contents or key informations, and to organize engaging events.
Bottom-up because employees can ask questions, give feedback, share success and best practices, participate in events and suggest ideas to support transformation.

Beeshake is METRO’s unique change management platform. With a wide range of features, it engages all agents of transformation: ambassadors, managers, top management, and each employee.

Beeshake supports METRO's transformation program

Like METRO or a French luxury group, give meaning to your transformation program by embodying it in a unique platform

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