In a recent interview with CNBC, Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner explains, with valuable advice, why the successful company is a learning company:

Don't be a know-it-all but a learn-it-all

Why does Jeff Weiner place learning above knowledge? Certainly because learning is moving.

Moreover, isn't the learning process movement? We wonder whether a company can innovate if its own employees are not in a learning posture. As you can imagine, for Jeff Weiner, the answer is of course negative. The CEO of Linkedin places the ability to learn at the heart of the growth of companies, underlining 3 major advantages of employees who know how to learn:

  • They are more adaptable in situations where they are not experts or have no experience
  • They are able to learn very, very quickly
  • They like to learn, which makes the learning process much faster

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner shares advice on leadership, hiring and firing from CNBC.

Learning company: what is the learning posture?

When an employee is capable of learning, he or she does not let fear paralyse him or her in a new situation. They do not let their ego prevent them from asking questions or learning from their colleagues by benefiting from their experience . And finally, he dares to try, to make mistakes, understanding that these mistakes are part of the learning process.

It is important to note that the ability to innovate is therefore partly based on social learning, which is essential to drive innovation and growth. And at Beeshake, we are particularly interested in mechanisms that allow employees to benefit from the skills present in the company, to ask questions to their peers, and thus to learn from each other to innovate. Social learning is one of the foundations of the learning company, and it gives it a collective meaning!


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