In a first article, we presented you the climate mural as well as all the associated methodology . This methodology aims at fighting individually and collectively against climate change. 

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What if you went even further? What if the collective energy emerging from these workshops spread to all employees? What if it could be sustained over the long term? 

Beeshake, collective intelligence platform, digitalizes your approach to keep ideas and solutions alive. You extend this creativity and collective thinking by involving all your collaborators to fight against climate change. 

New projects, good practices, constructive exchanges.... In one place, your climate mural is continuously growing and enriching in the long term. 

Large-scale acculturation

Fighting climate change is a meaningful project that is deeply rooted in the corporate culture. And like any change within organizations, employees need to feel integrated into this culture. They need to be supported in order to face the major challenges of the climate crisis

Acculturation is therefore a crucial step that allows employees to really get involved and become actors in the process. Through communication, awareness-raising and training, acculturation relies on different means so that employees are the first relays in the fight against climate change. 

Beeshake unites all these elements and offers a complete acculturation phase through several features. 

Acculturation MOOCs

Build learning paths in a few clicks. You define as many steps as you wish and different contents (texts, images, videos, GIF's, podcasts, quizzes...). These acculturation MOOCs can be distributed to all your employees or to specific people. You can, for example, create MOOCs for each workshop around the climate mural gathering the participants who attended the workshops in question. 

And not to stop there, your employees can create their own MOOCs. They can share their know-how and massively disseminate good practices or important information related to your workshops on the climate mural. For example, after workshop 1, some of them can create a MOOC to inform the rest of the collaborators about the conclusions of the workshop, the solutions that emerged or share a constructive work methodology.

Extend the climate mural with Beeshake

Spaces for exchange and feedback

Thanks to a news feed, you can communicate with your employees about the climate mural. You can also poll them on specific topics and collect their feedback. They are in the best position to make your approach live and progress, so involve them as much as possible. You will then be able to collect their opinion on how they feel, where they stand in relation to their commitment and their understanding of your corporate culture and you will be able to adjust your acculturation method accordingly.

Extend the climate mural with Beeshake

Sharing and monitoring of good practices/solutions

Beeshake allows your collaborators to propose long-term ideas and solutions that can be evaluated according to predefined criteria with support targets. For example, you can decide that a project will be implemented when it reaches 20 supporters. This collective space brings together employees and pushes them to find solutions, innovation projects. They work together to come up with concrete actions to be implemented by following the evolution of the different projects proposed. 

All the solutions submitted during your workshops around the climate mural live permanently on the platform and are enriched by new ideas continuously. 

Extend the climate mural with Beeshake

The "Climate Fresco" workshops digitized

Digitalize your workshops on Beeshake to bridge the distance of some collaborators with live events. You create collective work spaces, interactive sessions, so that all collaborators can exchange together, propose solutions, interact on submitted projects and increase actions around the climate mural.

Extend the climate mural with Beeshake

Valuing the commitment of employees

You can identify and reward the most active employees in your approach through a gamification system. You can award them points according to the actions they carry out and their involvement in the climate mural and your CSR approach: best practice proposals, innovation project proposals, participation in the climate mural workshops, etc. 

In addition to individual recognition, you can also measure collective commitment. For example, you can decide to group the employees according to several teams or according to the workshops organized and thus you value the team that has implemented the most proposed projects. 

Extend the climate mural with Beeshake

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You will have understood, Beeshake helps you to make your good practices and innovation projects around the climate mural live on the long term. The digitalization of the process involves employees on a daily basis and allows to capitalize on the ideas proposed.