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Renforcez la collaboration et l’innovation dans vos communautés

Créez et animez vos communautés en intelligence collective (collaborateurs, talents, clients, partenaires, etc.) grâce à plusieurs espaces d’échanges et de partages

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Animate your communities...


Thanks to publications, emailings, newsletters and personalized notifications

boost the feeling of belonging

and boost user involvement through collaborative sharing of information, documents and ideas


Thanks to gamification features. You create emulation and encourage everyone to get more involved.

... and create emulation within the network


Monitor results in real time and analyze the data collected


Ideas, best practices and innovative projects proposed by your users


Sharing fun and educational activities to acculturate and share know-how

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Create communities of experts

Animate your communities by distributing content

Animate your communities by distributing content

Write articles to share your intelligence, broadcast news or propose a profile, and integrate images, videos, podcasts, etc. into them.

Classify content according to theme and highlight those of greatest interest to you with a personalized home page.

Create genuine acculturation and skills enhancement programs: simple, effective learning content composed of text, multimedia and quizzes

Disseminate your live events to create highlights with your community. Users can follow the live stream directly on the platform, ask questions and take part in interactive quizzes.

Stimulate collective intelligence with a suggestion box


Users propose ideas, best practices or innovative projects, alone or as part of a team, in a social and collaborative space.


Customize the project submission form with optional and mandatory fields


You create ideation categories and evaluation criteria for the jury, and determine the moderation mode.

Votes and support

Users discover the ideas of their peers and can support them by voting, enrich them and join project teams.

Animating your communities: Stimulating collective intelligence

« Au delà des fonctionnalités et de l’utilisation intuitive que nous avons constaté avec une rapide prise en main par nos membres, nous sommes particulièrement satisfaits de l’accompagnement proposé par
l’équipe Beeshake. Il y a une véritable envie de faire évoluer la plateforme selon nos besoins ».

Joaquim Ducept – Responsable Unité Marketing, Innovation et Intelligence des données – SMACL Assurances

Animate your communities: SMACL Assurances

SMACL Assurances has chosen Beeshake

To animate and engage your community of policyholders with a collective intelligence approach


News articles, conversation forums and focus groups on topics such as cyber security

Facilitation of events

Enrich face-to-face events with interactive sessions or involve remote participants

emergence of innovation projects

Projects are submitted to the customer community, which reacts, enriches, prioritizes, votes and participates in the co-construction of tomorrow's insurance.

Like SMACL, engage your customers in your corporate mission

And discover a simple and intuitive platform to unite your customers, collect their feedback and co-construct your next products and services with them.

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