10 ways for leaders to foster a culture of innovation 

A culture of innovation has become essential to the sustainability and success of the company. It is in the best interest of managers to integrate these values into the company's culture in order to encourage employees to propose and share new ideas, solutions and innovation projects and to strive for positive results. 

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The collective takes action thanks to the "speed co-development" ?

Faced with a problem, how can employees use the collective to bring out good practices and solutions? The "speed co-development" allows to gain in efficiency in the resolution of problems thanks to the co-construction. 

A look back at this practice that helps the collective take action! 

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Open innovation: the best way to solve problems?

Open innovation is a democratic approach centred on collaboration. In effect, internal and external resources replace traditional siloed R&D processes.

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Organising a hackathon in your company: the guide

In an article dedicated to hackathons, the hackerearth website points out that more than 80% of Fortune 100 companies organise hackathons to bring out innovations. Moreover, hackathons are often renewed regularly. To boostincremental or disruptiveinnovation, consider organising a hackathon in your company.

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"Participatory Innovation: an essential lever" Bruno de Montalivet's point of view

With his experience inParticipatory Innovation, Bruno de Montalivet gives us his point of view on this essential method, in an enriching interview.

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Your HR challenges in 2023, driven by collective intelligence 

In recent years, the human resources profession has been facing new challenges. Notably because of the health crisis we have been through and the impacts we are experiencing on working methods, commitment, meaning and the digitalization of processes.

These multiple challenges have encouraged HR to transform itself and these efforts are continuing today to prepare for 2023 in particular.

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How to develop a culture of intrapreneurship?

Many leaders would like their employees to take the initiative and be more committed to the company. In short, they should adopt a more entrepreneurial attitude. If you are in this situation, ask yourself this question: have you laid the foundations for a culture of intrapreneurship to give your employees a framework for more commitment?

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Extend the long-term climate mural with Beeshake

In a first article, we presented you the climate mural as well as all the associated methodology . This methodology aims at fighting individually and collectively against climate change. 

[ Read : climate mural : definition and main principles ]

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Feedback from the field: a real lever for improving the customer experience

The people on the ground are often the ones who know your customers best. And their ideas can lead to improvements and even innovations. Just ask Sony, Amazon or 3M, who have all made major breakthroughs in the past thanks to employee suggestions.So listening to employees can make the difference in improving the customer experience in your organisation.

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The climate mural: definition and main principles

Climate change is a collective difficulty with complex characteristics that are far from being assimilated by all. The consequences are often not understood by the individual, leading to a lack of awareness. 

However, it is by acting together that these difficulties can be overcome. And allow a real transformation with a deep change of model. 

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