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Beeshake is an easy to use collective intelligence platform to animate your communities, co-construct and bring up good practices and innovative projects

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<p style="color:#fbbf43;font-size:20px;">Plateforme d'intelligence collective</p><p style="font-size:50px;">Donnez la parole au terrain</span>


Feedback from OFII on participatory innovation

📅 April 20 at 9:00 am

A simple and complete platform, designed by the users

A collective intelligence and collaborative innovation platform to tackle all your challenges

Like Carmila, get 80% commitment in the proposal of ideas and participative innovation

A collective intelligence platform to bring up ideas

Animate your community and encourage the feedback of ideas, best practices and innovative projects

Idea box

Users propose ideas, enrich and vote for their favorites

Animation of communities

You distribute content (news, learning paths), polls and surveys to animate your community

Calls for ideas and hackathons

You gather feedback and ideas on specific topics

Steering and statistics

Track the progress of ideas and set up online experimentation groups

<b>Une plateforme d'intelligence collective pour faire remonter les idées</b>

Beeshake for your participative innovation process

Discover a demonstration of Beeshake and its different features

Boost engagement and participation with unique gamification

The more they participate, the more points they earn

Identify and promote the actors and ambassadors of collaborative innovation

Stimulate collective engagement through gamification, individually or in teams

Boost engagement and participation with unique gamification

The key is...

More involved users

Beeshake users have improved their feeling of belonging to their organisation

Better performance

Good practices are spread for continuous improvement on a daily basis

A better team spirit

Collective intelligence federates teams and creates a spirit of community and solidarity

A better vision of the future

By bringing ideas from every employee, you are ready to reinvent your business for tomorrow

The key is...

They support us

The use of Beeshake is intuitive and creates a real team emulation. We wanted a solution that was easy and quick to deploy. Beeshake met this need and offered all the features we were looking for. Its price/performance ratio was also the best.

Morgan Lavielle
Morgan Lavielle
Communications Director - CARMILA

Beeshake allows to animate employee communities in a phygital mode! This is certainly the secret of a strong and successful engagement, with more teamwork and agility.

Karine Boullier
Karine Boullier
Engagement Communication Director - SANOFI

Thank you very much for your welcome to the project and for the kind and cheerful exchanges. Your pleasure in working is infectious. You are a great team, and the business support you offer is a real added value.

Armony Geter
Armony Geter
Project Manager DTSI - COVEA

Beeshake is a people-centered software: employees share their know-how and skills to make everyone grow at the same time. It is also a creator of emulation and caring: teams get to know and appreciate each other. I particularly appreciate that Beeshake adapts to our ecosystem in a very reactive way.

Valérie Archambault
Valérie Archambault
Sales coordinator - GAMM VERT

Like most sectors of the economy, the HOPSCOTCH Group has been shaken by Covid-19. Nevertheless, we decided, with the help of Beeshake, to transform this complicated moment into an opportunity to connect our teams, to free their creativity and to invent the future of our businesses. Results of the first challenge: a great participation rate and 72 projects.

Déborah Deloison
Déborah Deloison
Internal Communications Manager - HOPSCOTCH Group

In terms of ergonomics and ease of use, Beeshake is a top tool!

Marie Kulinski
Marie Kulinski
Director of the Collaborative Innovation Program - OFII (French Ministry for Internal Affairs)

Microsoft Partner

Beeshake is a member of the Microsoft for Startups program and a Teams Partner. We help you boost the adoption of Microsoft Office 365 and simplify employee experience by integrating collaborative innovation directly into your Teams environment.

Like Worldline, save money thanks to the collective intelligence and ideas of your employees
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