Facilitate collective intelligence and collaborative innovation

Easily unlock skills, talents and ideas that drive engagement and business performance

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Ideas sharing and collaborative innovation

Develop employee engagement! Employees suggest ideas, initiatives and innovation projects: a real business and transformation accelerator

Ideas, projects or best practices sharing

Each user can suggest an idea, create or join a project team and add multimedia content to enrich his pitch.

Idea Management Workflow

Beeshake has a unique moderation system! 5 steps to validate, categorise, rate and set goals for each project.

Projects listing and categories

All members can see published projects, apply to join a project team, co-construct and contribute, or simply support their favourite projects.

Set up a limited wallet of supports

You can set up a limited wallet of supports for each user. Every user can spend his supports as he want among existing projects.

Ideas sharing and collaborative innovation

Facilitate collective intelligence and collaborative innovation, and boost employee engagement

Collective intelligence animation, feedback and engagement

Facilitating collective intelligence, feedback and engagement

Over 100 features to spread a culture of feedback and collaboration. An essential step to boost collective intelligence!

Content sharing and conversations

Share the right information at the right time. Encourage users to share content and ask questions.

Polls, surveys and interactive sessions

Gather feedback from the field and create a good mood for sharing and listening.

Video livestream for your events and rituals

Announcements, internal webinars, product launches, pitch sessions: keep in touch with users thanks to digital events.

Integrated newsletter

Create your newsletter directly on Beeshake, and promote the content and projects created by your employees.

Develop a culture of feedback, and make your transformation a success through the active participation of employees

Acculturation and skills sharing

152 features dedicated to acculturation and peer-to-peer learning

Simple and authentic microlearning content

Easily create, manage and deliver personalised and interactive learning content

Teams learn from each other

Time for social learning: each employee can share his skills and best practices with others

MOOCs are easy to create and mobile friendly

Administrators, managers and employees create MOOCs very easily to share their skills through rich content.

Quiz and gamified learning

The author of a MOOC can set up quizzes to validates the competence acquisition of learners. If a quiz is passed, a certification is added to the learner's profile.

Acculturation and skills sharing

Beeshake is mobile-friendly

Beeshake is a collective intelligence software accessible from all devices.

On mobile, your platform becomes an app: immediacy, notifications... without even having to download it from a store!




Beeshake is mobile-friendly
Secure platform

Security is our priority

All your data is stored in France on secured servers.

Data segregation is done physically, each client having its own instance, via a server or physical instance and a dedicated URL.

The general terms of use and security policies of the hosting company are available on request. An SSL certificate is also installed on each instance.

More than 350 features to boost a culture of collective intelligence and collaborative innovation ! Which ones will you choose?
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