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A diagnosis made by Hyssop

In 2020, the CSR consulting agency Hyssop carried out the first CSR diagnosis of the Cospirit group.
This analysis leads to the implementation of KPI's, an action plan and a dedicated team around the new challenges of the group's CSR approach.

The goal: to become a company with a mission!

An action plan based on 4 pillars

Subsidiary of Cospirit Groupe, Beeshake relies on its CSR policy


Rely on an ecological management within the offices as well as in the services provided to the clients


Promote diversity and equal opportunity, well-being at work and actively manage post-Covid


To be involved in the evolution of practices in the field of expertise, in the sponsorship of skills and in territorial issues

Management & governance

Highlighting the commitment of the teams, internal communication and the relationship with customers and suppliers

An open forum

In a collaborative construction project, a hundred Cospirit Groupe employees worked together to write the group's 5-year strategy.

Bringing the premises to life

Florian Grill, CEO Cospirit Groupe, calls on French advertisers in 2 articles: Le Monde & Les Echos

The relocators

The relocators

The collective "Les Relocalisateurs", composed of 5 actors, combine their know-how to enhance the value of the local in the strategies of companies

Support for Delphine Le Sausse

World champion water skier and paraplegic, Delphine Le Sausse has benefited from financial support and the patronage of competence

Support for Delphine Le Sausse
The EcoSpirit team

The EcoSpirit team

Made up of volunteer employees, the EcoSpirit team implements concrete actions to improve our CSR approach.

Stress management

Cospirit Groupe employees have access to the My Mental Training application for their stress management and serenity

Stress management application
A partnership with committed players

A partnership with committed players

In the continuity of the improvement of our CSR approach, our partner Lemon Tri accompanies us in the implementation of our 3 recycling channels

The Beespirit collaborative platform

Beespirit enables the sharing of best practices, the integration of new arrivals, commitment to the CSR approach and the encouragement of cross-functionality.

The Beespirit collaborative platform

Developing the profession

In order to reduce the impact of our business and to be part of the evolution of the profession, Cospirit Groupe relies on the tools of tomorrow