[Press release].

PARIS, July 1, 2019 - French start-up Beeshake, a collective intelligence platform in SaaS mode and subsidiary of HOPSCOTCH Groupe, announces that it is joining the Microsoft for Startups program. This opportunity represents the first step of a strategic and business partnership around collective intelligence in the enterprise, whose reference today is Microsoft Office 365 and its collaborative tool Teams, used by more than 500,000 organizations.

Beeshake is a SaaS platform dedicated to collective intelligence and employee engagement. By encouraging knowledge sharing between peers, cross-functional communication andcollaborative innovation, Beeshake delivers both a tool and a method to reveal collective intelligence in companies. The result: more motivated employees and more successful companies.

This partnership is above all strategic.

By betting on Beeshake, Microsoft confirms its willingness to offer companies efficient products and services that meet the real expectations of employees. Indeed, at a time when 91% of employees say they would be more motivated if they could propose ideas to the company(*), collective intelligence promises to return to the heart of tomorrow's HR challenges.

On the technology side 

The Microsoft for Startups programme will allow Beeshake to enter the restricted circle of start-ups that benefit from special technical and financial support. The aim is to accelerate a migration to an Azure Cloud infrastructure and self-provisioning.

Crossed perspectives

"As part of Microsoft for Startups, we support more than 3,500 start-ups in France. Our aim is to enable them to benefit from our ecosystem, our technologies and our experience to develop their business and expand their influence in France, but also beyond our borders. For example, more than 500,000 organisations currently use Microsoft Teams, Microsoft's collaborative application. The ecosystem of Teams applications is destined to be constantly enriched, notably thanks to the contribution of start-ups. We are particularly pleased to welcome Beeshake, a French start-up specialising in collective intelligence, to our Microsoft for Startups programme," says Anthony Virapin, director of start-up programmes at Microsoft France.

"Microsoft's expertise in supporting start-ups represents for us a wonderful potential for technological and commercial development. Beeshake's entry into the Microsoft for Startups programme shows that collective intelligence has its place in the Human Resources and Communication ecosystems" says Cécile Le Galès, Founder and Managing Director of Beeshake.


(*) Beeshake survey on digital transformation and employee engagement, conducted online among 250 employees, April 2019