To encouragecollaborative innovationYou don't just need idea carriers. Some employees are simply in a position to consult and monitor. As Danielle Winandy, Chief Innovation Officer at BNP Paribas, explained during an Empower Morning: " Everyone may have ideas, but not everyone is ready to innovate". Depending on your corporate culture, carrying out a project atcollaborative innovation requires a certain amount of perseverance and energy.

In short, some employees are not innovators. But that does not mean that they do not have an essential role in your organisation'scollaborative innovation process. On the contrary! They can be truly involved in future improvements.


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A newsletter to support employees in their work

Some employees are simply on the lookout. They follow ongoing projects, and will enjoy scrutinising proposed innovation projects and supporting their favourite ideas. This is their way of participating in the life of your organisation. To support them in their monitoring, why not write a newsletter! It would summarise the latest innovation projects proposed, the most supported projects and those in need of support. You can send it out every week or month depending on the number of projects proposed on your collective intelligence platform. In this way, you help emerging ideas to gain visibility and support internally. And that, to encouragecollaborative innovation, is as important as proposing ideas.


Encouragingcollaborative innovation by helping teams to form

A project atcollaborative innovation is not always the brainchild of one person. Sometimes a project emerges from a team, large or small. Sometimes, an idea can come from an employee and be enriched over time by new people. This is why it is essential for employees to be able to join the team of a collaborator-innovator. So it's up to you to play the role of facilitator, either in person or digitally. For example, organise information meetings every month or two, bringing together innovative employees and curious employees. They can ask all their questions to the idea holders, and possibly volunteer to help.


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