Innov'acteurs is a French association created in 2002, for the development ofparticipative innovation at the heart of corporate strategies. Its mission is based on several issues: 

  • promote participatory innovation in France
  • to federate all the activities contributing to the development of Participatory Innovation
  • contribute to the methodological contributions and professionalization
  • organize exchanges and sharing of experiences
  • to stimulate monitoring and forward thinking

Innov'acteurs took advantage of the Innovation crossroads November 24, 2022 at the Théâtre des Variétés to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

This event brought together all the actors of participative innovation for a day of expertise, sharing of practical experiences, debates, around the contributions and challenges of innovation and creativity in organizations. 

Participative innovation being the heart of Beeshake, the whole team as well as Cécile Le Gales, founder of Beeshake and member of the Innov'acteurs association, are proud to have participated to this enriching and inspiring day. 

Back together on the event "20 years of Innov'acteurs"! 

20 years of innov'acteurs : The word of experts 

This day allowed experts in participatory innovation to shed light on this essential method through their experiences and to give us inspiring speeches. 

  • Marlène Schiappa, Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in charge of the Social and Solidarity Economy and Associative Life: "To make things happen in companies, you have to communicate. And it is by communicating that we become leaders in our sector and in innovation. 
  • Jean-Charles Guillet, President of Innov'acteurs: "3 key words for participatory innovation: innovation, audacity, perseverance"
  • Muriel Garcia, Honorary President of Innov'acteurs & Bruno de Montalivet, Honorary President and Founder of Innov'acteurs": "The role of managers is essential: they must encourage autonomy and creativity, recognize the right to make mistakes, identify skills and talents and develop them, increase creativity and pride in belonging, and develop collective intelligence. Participatory innovation contributes to all of this" / "Participatory Innovation is an essential lever for meeting societal, social and environmental challenges"
20 years of Innov'acteurs

The benchmark of participatory innovation in strategies

Innov'acteurs has carried out a benchmark of participatory innovation practices among the association's members for the year 2022 with the aim of : 

  • to monitor and disseminate the panorama of Participatory Innovation practices, in accordance with one of Innov'acteurs' missions 
  • Identify the many new features that enrich our approaches: intrapreneurship, design thinking, etc. and measure their impact
  • to highlight the evolutions compared to the previous benchmarks carried out in 2016 and 2019

The results of this benchmark: 

  1. Participatory Innovation has a strong legitimacy in organizations for 59% of respondents 
  2. Those in charge of participatory innovation in companies say they have the human resources to deploy this method
  3. Employee engagement is a priority for organizations in participative innovation because participative is constantly progressing
  4. Lack of time and financial resources were identified as the main obstacles
  5. Participative innovation is increasingly based on innovation levers: design thinking, open innovation, hackathons, intrapreneurship, fab labs 

Participatory innovation in strategies: feedback from award winners 

During this day, Innov'acteurs honored the inspiring approaches rewarded during the Participatory Innovation Awards. These winners shared their concrete experiences and best practices. 

  • Participatory Innovation Award, "Recognition" category: the French National Gendarmerie with Colonel Rémy Nollet, General Marc Hamel and Colonel François BREMAND

"All of the ideas proposed are present in the field. Our participatory innovation process is very much framed and has been accessed on recognition, innovation and as a point of career development."

  • Participatory Innovation Award, "Commitment" category: Eau de Paris with Emmanuelle Marcovitch, Laure PAUL-DAUPHIN and Stéphanie Guerin

"Our Participatory Innovation approach is based on 3 objectives: engage, engage and maintain engagement [...] Creativity is contagious, so our goal is to get it running as much as possible in our organization." 

  • Participatory Innovation Trophy, "Managerial Transformation" category: Caisse d'Allocation Familiale du Var with Carine FASCIANA Emilie ROY 

"We have set up the "Simplify your CAF" challenge, which is part of our "Caf&In" Participative Innovation approach. It aims to collect ideas for simplification by employees within and between departments. The result? 39 ideas proposed, 10 ideas selected and 6 ideas already implemented".

  • Participatory Innovation Trophy, "Social Responsibility" category: The Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty with Brigitte MINETTE TIBERGHIEN, May Barthélemy, Nadège Charrie-Benoist, Camille LAPIERRE, Béatrice KUPER, Anne PENELAUD and Grégoire Parmentier

"Benevolence leads us, let's give ourselves the right to make mistakes, let's shake up our practices and be creative. The result? 600 ideas submitted on our participative innovation platform, 400 ideas enriched to become projects and 88 of the 200 pre-selected projects were selected. 

  • Trophy for Participatory Innovation, category "Hope & Jury's Favourite": the French Office for Immigration and Integration with Marie KULINSKI, Margot HURON and Sandra OLIVEIRA

"The purpose of our participative innovation approach supported by the Beeshake platform is to improve the reception of our users and in mirror the daily work of our agents by solving their daily field problems". 

  • Participatory Innovation Award, "Collaborative & Open" category: URSSAF Midi-Pyrénées with Magali Saez, Philippe Labbé and Yannick Bossard

"Our participatory innovation platform is a showcase to explain all the methods, achievements and give employees the opportunity to arm themselves with tools available on the platform to introduce participatory in the animation"

20 years of Innov'acteurs: the winners

20 years of Innov'acteurs: Spotlight on Thierry Beaudet 

Thierry Beaudet, President of the economic, social and environmental council did us the honor to speak on the subject of the participative innovation. 

"Participatory Innovation has won the battle of ideas. It contributes to bringing democracy to companies. We must move towards a participatory and continuous democracy. Because our fellow citizens want and need to be involved in the issues that concern them. Social innovation is the key to all the transitions that are coming against us."

20 years of Innov'acteurs - Thierry Beaudet