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What is the cost of my project?

For any annual commitment, get 2 months free


For small teams who want to boost agility and collaboration

5€ /user/month

✅ Accès à tous les modules
✅ Support standard par email
✅ Hébergement standard
✅ URL standard
✅ 99% SLA
✅ 30 Go de stockage Azure
✅ 100 Go de flux (CDN) / mois inclus
✅ Accès au centre de ressources et aux événements Beeshake

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For structured organisations that want a personalised experience

7€ /user/month

✅ Accès aux options de paramétrage
✅ Support premium téléphonique
✅ Hébergement premium
✅ URL personnalisée
✅ 99,8% SLA
✅ Interlocuteur dédié
✅ 100 Go de stockage Azure
✅ 500 Go de flux (CDN) / mois inclus

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For organisations wishing to involve 500+ users in collective intelligence


✅ Accès aux options disponibles dans les plans STARTER et PREMIUM
✅ Tarif dégressif en fonction du nombre d’utilisateur

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You already have a platform and want to change? We will take care of recovering your data in all serenity

Setting options

Available from the Premium plan, depending on your needs


Custom URL/domain name

- Customised mail sender - Custom font - New configuration language (except FR/EN)

User management

- Pre-creation of users from your database

- Provision of accounts and loops - Customisation of user profile fields - Advanced customisation of user rights


- Third-party app integration

- Google Suite integration - Office 365 integration


SSO authentication

- Dual authentication - Hosting on dedicated server -
Security assurance/audit plan
- Tailoring of security to ISD needs

Advanced options

Standard module for automatic translation of content

- Live video broadcasting via webcam - Customisation of the idea submission form

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Here are the most frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you cannot find the answers to your questions here.

What is a user?

A user is a unique person, linked to a unique e-mail. If your team is very large, please contact us for discounted prices.

Is my data safe?

Yes, our hosting is totally secure. We offer IT support, vulnerability testing, reporting, and everything else you need to keep your data safe.

Where can I find the T&Cs?

You can download Beeshake's terms and conditions by clicking on this link.

Can I buy custom features?

Yes, with our à la carte options, you can customise your Beeshake platform as you wish. 

Can I pay monthly or quarterly?

Yes, this is possible, but less advantageous than the annual payment.

Is my data storage unlimited?

Yes, collective intelligence is about sharing a lot of information and knowledge. We don't want to hinder your success!

Can I add users gradually if I choose an annual payment?

You will be able to add users at any time, even before your annual licence renewal. 

Once you have added users, we will update your subscription automatically. We will then charge you for the additional usage. Please ask your Customer Success Manager for more information.

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