Theemployee experience in a company is just as important as the customer experience. Getting employee expectations right leads to greater employee engagement, which improves productivity and therefore business performance.

1- Employees' expectations: usefulness

The most important expectation of employees: to feel useful! Employees must find it worthwhile to work in your company. Well-being, support, company culture, values, salary, etc.
The employee has the choice to leave sooner or later, especially if he or she finds advantages in another company. It is therefore important that the employee feels useful. They must be given responsibilities that are linked to their work but also to the values they hold.

2- Employee expectations: recognition

The second expectation of employees is recognition. With the major changes made by companies to their working methods (tools, contracts, content, organisation, space, management), HR and internal communication departments now have the cards in their hands to thank and recognise the involvement of employees in their work. Of course, employees need to be supported by management to be more efficient, but they also need to be recognised for a job well done.

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3- Employee expectations: change

Employees want and need a real change in their working lives. A transition to new ways of organising and managing that will give them the opportunity to express themselves more, to have more direct dialogue and to break down the silos in the company.

4- Employee expectations: balance

Balance is indeed one of the main expectations of employees. The arrival of the Millennials in the company allows us to rethink in depth the organisation between professional and private life! Indeed, for 73% of them, work-life balance is essential. This harmony allows employees to feel better. Give them more freedom in their working hours. Different lives make different demands. Some need to arrive earlier, others prefer to leave the office later. Be more flexible.

5- Employee expectations: mobility

Democratise remote working and flex-offices! Thanks to digital tools, it is more possible to work in a third location than in the traditional office. Set up systems to facilitate the mobility of your employees.

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