By Cécile Le Galès - Need a helping hand in your thinking about innovation and change management? We'd like to offer you some inspiration from business leaders, creators and artists who have overcome difficulties and turned an innovation into a flourishing business. In this article, you'll find the 10 quotes that inspire us most. But first, what are the links between these two notions? How can we create a virtuous circle, notably through participative innovation and gamification?

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What links between innovation and change management?

In fact, change management and innovation are interdependent. Innovation implies change, and change drives innovation. The company needs this virtuous circle to remain competitive.

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How can this virtuous circle be put in place as quickly as possible?

Our advice for achieving this virtuous circle is to work together. Indeed, a change led "from above" risks being experienced as an injunction, a process suffered, and therefore a source of frustration rather than innovation. In short, the opposite of your objective. In response to this risk,collaborative innovationis a very effective solution. It is about giving your employees the opportunity to propose their innovative ideas to the company. The process is a win-win situation: employees are more involved and motivated, and the company gathers ideas from the most relevant people to suggest changes: those on the ground. Beware, the difficulty withcollaborative innovation is the organisation! Opt for a "Idea Management Workflow to organise the flow of incoming ideas, and to be able to process them methodically.

Having trouble engaging your employees in the idea generation process? Communicate, and use gamification! Show that proposing an idea is a quick process, and reward those who do it. At Beeshake, there is a mechanic we are particularly fond of: each action earns points that can be reused to vote for projects oncollaborative innovation. Thus, the more an employee engages, the more he or she can contribute to the life and performance of the company.

Innovation and change management: collaborative ideas

Quotes to inspire you on innovation and change management

Innovation and change management quote N°1

"Innovation is easy. The challenge is to turn innovation into a real business."
Michael Dell, founder of Dell

Quote #2

"Innovation is not a flash in the pan. It is hard work, which should be organised as a regular activity in every unit of the company, and at every level of management."
Peter Drucker, management theorist

Innovation and change management quote N°3

"You have to develop good habits early on. Especially those of knowing how to change habits often and easily.
Pierre Reverdy, French poet

Quote N°4

"In life there are two kinds of people: those who look at the world as it is, and ask themselves why. And those who imagine the world as it ought to be, and say to themselves: why not?"
George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright and essayist

Innovation and change management quote N°5

"He who has never made a mistake has never tried to innovate.
Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist

Quote N°6

"Gutenberg did not wait for the development of the book market to invent the printing press.
Nicole Notat, founder of Vigeo

Innovation and change management quote N°7

"They always say that time changes things, but in reality time is just passing and we have to change things ourselves.
Andy Warhol, artist

Quote N°8

"Systematic innovation requires a willingness to see change as an opportunity."
Peter Drucker, American business management consultant

Innovation and change management quote N°9

"The boss who sees his managers as a barrier to change is also the one who complains about not being listened to by his customers.
Jean Abraham, entrepreneur

Quote N°10

"Things don't change, just change the way you see them.
Lao Tzu, Chinese sage