Employee engagement is a recurring problem for companies: employees do not feel attached to their company. They do not have the means to express their opinions and are not encouraged to do so. The result? They are not involved, lack motivation and do not propose innovative solutions. Yet they could make a full contribution to the development of their company. How can they do this? With an employee engagement platform!

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The benefits of the employee engagement platform

Much is expected of digital tools to boost employee engagement, yet the results are still not satisfactory. In this context, the employee engagement platform is proving to be a particularly effective solution. Indeed, more and more companies want to implement a real engagement strategy to strengthen team spirit, encourage innovation and thus improve their results. To do this, the engagement platform offers many advantages.

1/ Implementing a new vision of the company through the employee engagement platform

  • Employees are put back at the centre of the organisation. With training and better recognition of their individual skills, employees are well acculturated. They feel that they are valued.
  • The company of tomorrow needs feedback. Employees must be able to have and give constructive feedback. This allows them to be listened to, to progress and to evolve in a decompartmentalised company with a good social climate.
  • Employees become a source of ideas. With corporate social networks, instant messaging and project management software, employees can express their ideas, share them and contribute to the company's progress.

2/ Fostering collaboration for innovation

  • The employee engagement platform reinvents internal communication. Information is exchanged much more easily. All employees can consult all messages, at any time and in any place. This inevitably has a positive effect on cascading.
  • Employees better understand the company's strategic choices and values. Indeed, they feel concerned by all the information shared. They are therefore more efficient and willing to participate, give their opinion and get involved!
  • Collective intelligence is valued. Everyone participates and mobilises their skills to come up with innovative ideas. Collaboration improves and new solutions emerge, which has a considerable impact on innovation and on the company's performance!