A McKinsey study suggests that in order to succeed in its digital transformation, an organisation needs the support of employees at all levels. However, employees find it more difficult to adhere to something that is imposed on them. This is why they must feel that they are actors in the transformation. But it is not that simple. In fact, only 31% of employees really feel they are actors of change. How can the balance be reversed, and how can employees be made to take a full part in the transformation?


1- Accompanying

Transformation can frighten employees because they do not understand what they will gain from it. To succeed in the digital transformation, you need to reassure them and support them throughout the change. It is therefore imperative to communicate clearly and to stimulate exchanges. These exchanges can be transversal: employees exchange experiences and best practices. But they can also be bottom-up: employees give feedback. This feedback allows you to take the pulse of your transformation, and to propose actions that respond more precisely to everyone's expectations and needs.


2- Involve HR and managers

Remember to involve Human Resources and managers in your transformation plan. They will be partners throughout this change. Moreover, do not hesitate to communicate the fact that HR is an integral part of this transformation. This will send a strong signal to your employees that the transformation is closely linked to their skills development.


3- Succeeding in your digital transformation through employee engagement

You want your employees to get involved in your transformation. This is one of the keys to a successful digital transformation. 4 steps are necessary to get your employees concretely involved:

  • Spreading a common language. This is about acculturating your employees and ensuring that they all embrace a new culture.
  • Instill a culture of feedback. As explained above, it is essential to get feedback from employees to better adapt to their needs.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing. If transformation is indeed about skills, it is essential to allow these skills to circulate to benefit everyone.
  • Encourage the submission of ideas and initiatives. Your employees will actively participate and increase their motivation.

These 4 steps allow you to value your employees: you give them a framework to speak up and become actors of the transformation.



How to involve your employees in the transformation