Appel à idées, appel à projets, Innovation Sprint, challenge d’idées ou challenge innovation… Il existe plusieurs manières de nommer l’innovation participative « provoquée » en entreprise. Quoi qu’il en soit, les appels à idées permettent dynamiser l’idéation au cours d’une période donnée, autour de thématiques données. Dans cet article, nous vous livrons justement 4 thématiques d’appel à idées qui donnent envie de participer.

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Organise a call for ideas to create a dynamic ofcollaborative innovation

Organising an innovation challenge, or a call for ideas, consists in "provoking"collaborative innovation. This approach generally complements a so-called "continuous"collaborative innovation system, i.e. all year round. Rather than letting innovators propose projects as they please, you need to determine themes for the call for ideas that will stimulate ideation.

The 2 main advantages of the call for ideas :

  • Innovators feel guided, and therefore less lost, in proposing ideas. Indeed, the fact that themes are set is not experienced as a constraint, but as an encouraging framework. In other words, you avoid artistic vagueness!
  • Innovators feel valued because they are actively participating in the organisation's strategy. Indeed, if you set a theme, it is because there is a need, or because your organisation has judged it to be strategic.

We therefore advise you to start by organising a first call for ideas. And if that is successful, why not organise one every quarter or month?

4 call for ideas themes that will boost engagement

Organising a call for ideas: great, but what theme(s) should you choose? Generally, to answer this question you need to look at the strategic pillars of your organisation, the needs you have identified, the context you are going through, etc.

Here are four themes for a call for ideas which, in our experience, generate a great deal of commitment. Of course, these are very broad themes: it is up to you to specify them according to your own reality.


CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, is generally a very unifying theme because it touches on the environment, society, solidarity, etc. In short, it concerns all of us as individuals. In short, subjects that concern us all as individuals. Moreover, according to a study by Calexa Group, 75% of those questioned believe that it is a company's duty to involve its employees in CSR.

The performance

Suggest to your employees that they become real players in performance! For example, you could organise a theme such as "Ideas and good practices to save time, to diversify our offer, to offer a better relationship with our customers, etc.". ». This type of topic is often very popular, as it is very rewarding, especially for your employees.

Quality of life at work

Naturally, this topic often generates a lot of commitment because it directly concerns your employees. What could be better than a call for ideas to improve your own working conditions?


In the same vein as QWL, telework is a theme that generally works well. Indeed, since the Covid-19 crisis, telework has become an integral part of our working conditions. It can therefore be interesting to take advantage of a call for ideas to improve the conditions of telework.